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The Dermatology Nurse Practitioner Certification Board announces an additional category for recertification, Category F Precepting.  Now DCNPs can recertify using their hours spent precepting NP students with Contact Hours towards the minimum of 60 continuing education credits required to recertify.. Criteria for using Category F is specific and can be found on the recertification application here.

For those recertifying in 2022, the deadline to use Category F has been extended to December 1.

For those recertifying in 2023 or later, be sure to upload the letter from the university stating your name, school name, number of hours spent precepting, etc  into CEBroker once you receive it.

A maximum of 15 Contact Hours, or 120 precepting hours, can be used in Category F.  The calculation for converting precepting hours to Contact Hours can be found on the application or in your CE Broker account. 

If you have not already activated your free CEBroker account, please do so ASAP. Please direct any questions to

Are you interested in becoming a certified DCNP? Click here to review the eligibility requirements to sit for the exam.  You can also download the DCNP Application Brochure.



CE Broker is the official CE tracking system of the Dermatology Nurse Practitioner Certification Board. The Board has provided you with a free Basic Account and now you’ll have helpful CE tracking tools right at your fingertips. The application process for recertification will remain the same, but the application will be shortened and more efficient with the implementation of CE Broker. An email has been sent to Certificants with a unique identification number to register for free with CE Broker. If you did not receive this email, please contact 

Additional CE Broker instructions can be found here.

ABSNC Accreditation Press Release - Dermatology Nurse Practitioner Certification Board Receives Accreditation of its DCNP Examination and Credential From the Accreditation Board for Specialty Nursing Certification

our philosophy  

The DNPCB believes that the specialty of dermatology advanced nursing practice promotes attainment of the highest standards of nursing practice for optimal patient care. This organization believes that attainment of a common knowledge base, utilization of the nursing process, and a high level of skill in the practice setting are required for dermatology nurse practitioner practice and should receive professional recognition.

The DNPCB is committed to the advancement of professional nursing through recognition of nurse practitioners displaying knowledge and expertise in the specialty practice of dermatology. In doing so, the DNPCB recognizes the value of education programs, research, and clinical practice which fosters personal and professional growth. 

Why become DCNP certified?

        • Validate your advanced knowledge
        • Improve patient care
        • Enhance your sense of pride and accomplishment
        • Enjoy peer and collegial respect
        • Increase your earning power and job satisfaction


The Dermatology Nurse Practitioner Certification Board (DNPCB) promotes the highest standards of dermatology nursing practice and establishes credentialing mechanisms for validating proficiency in dermatology nursing. 


DNPCB has adopted the definition of continuing competence as published by the Accreditation Board for Specialty Nursing Certification (ABSNC). Continuing competence is  the ongoing commitment of a registered nurse to integrate and apply the knowledge, skills, and judgement with the attitudes, values, and beliefs required to practice safely, effectively, and ethically in a designated role, patient population and/or setting.

Contact DNPCB

222 S. Riverside Plaza, Suite 1870

Chicago, IL 60606


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