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The test consists of approximately 175 multiple choice items, written within the nurse practitioner scope of practice. The examination is approximately 4 hours in length.

Patient Problem Areas

•      Neoplasms 20%

      Papulosquamous & Eczematous dermatoses 18%

      Urticarias, Erythemas, Photosensitivities & Purpuras 11%

      Cosmetic dermatology & Photodamage 11%

      Adnexal disease 8%

      Infections, Infestations, Bites & Stings 7%

      Pigmentary/Vascular disorders 7%

      Hair, Nails, & Mucous membranes 7%

      Vesicobullous, Autoimmune, & Connective tissue diseases 6%

      Genodermatoses & Systemic diseases 5%

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